NYS Historic Newspapers Gets a Makeover

A more intuitive look

The NYS Historic Newspapers project has fundamentally changed the look and feel of its website. This change increases functionality throughout, and also provides a state map for ease of geographic access. The advantage of this change is the streamlining of access to the website's content. Searches can now be started from any screen by clicking the search option on the navigation bar. This opens a search window without disrupting the browsing experience. In addition, the state map is optimized for searching. Clicking any county will bring up a page that allows the user to search all newspapers within a county with a custom interface, or browse a list of newspapers contained within that county.

Updated search interface

The new search window is simplified for ease of use and contains all of the powerful functionality of the previous advanced search menu. Search options are now selected by dropdown menus. In addition, the search entry box has been relocated to the top of the window. To prevent false result sets, the narrowing functionality has been streamlined, allowing the user to select a newspaper, county, or city with a single click, automatically clearing the other two options. In addition, searches are saved, allowing the user to modify search options on the fly for the best results.

About NYS Historic Newspapers

The NYS Historic Newspapers project provides free online access to a wide range of newspapers chosen to reflect New York's unique history. Those who would like to contribute to the project, either financially or by providing content, should contact info@nnyln.org for more information.